Suffering and Us

Just read one of the most open and raw perspective on suffering. It was convicting in that I have pandered to those who suffer, without knowing what I thought a kind word might have been, was actually deeply hurtful and disregarding the persons actual feelings and actual circumstances.

Second I was comforted in this story due to suffering I have been through. No one will ever know how suffering and pain will effect another person. We then are not to try and understand, but to just love and be patient with the person suffering. Yes some suffer more than others, but we must not weigh this in the moment, this does not help. We instead need to love in a couple different ways.

Love by not trying to give kind words that you feel will help, love by not saying it will all be OK, love by not pointing out other success stories, love by not passing famous quotes or mis-applied Bible verses.

Love by doing what Christ did, be present and patient. Jesus loved those who were unlovable by others. He just showed up, and was present. He listened, He embraced and He loved by seeing the person’s pain, not trying to cover it up. Lets love as Christ did, lets not try and help by masking current pain, but be present with the person in there pain. Even if we dont understand how or what they are going through in there suffering, just be present and patient.

We can all take comfort in Christ as He is the only one who does know and understand our suffering. For the rest of us, we need to rest in that fact as well and not be worried so much about what to do, but what we are doing presently in that person’s pain.

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3 thoughts on “Suffering and Us”

    1. Hey Hannah,

      You voice very strongly emotions I have felt before and it resonated with me both how I need to treat others as well as how I want to be treated in life’s struggles. We aren’t always the best at getting what we want to say out the best way, but we can know that there is love and through that we are lifted up. Not to pander, but we are praying for you and there is much love headed your way via prayer from many different people.

      Thank you for your post, it was much needed.

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