Reflection, Love

In life we get very busy with work, family events and on and on the list goes.  I have found recently that taking the time to sit and just reflect on what God has given me helps to keep life in perspective.  I am a person to get bogged down in the details and over sensitive to the minor details.  There is a grander picture going on, and taking the time to poke our heads up to catch a view of it helps to keep us grounded.

I am getting ready to go into the final semester of Graduate school and feel like I have been running an unending race.  To say the least I feel tired.  In reality I have allowed myself to get trapped by work, family and school when I should have been focused on the moments going on around me.  I have been present, but not engaged with my surroundings.

It is important to not just be physically around, but mentally and emotionally as well for those in our lives.  The problem is we live in a world that, if we allow it too, zaps us of all our energies before we can even give our best to those we love.  Putting healthy barriers in place has been something I have been learning lately.  Not letting issues spin me like a top is a big one.  I will get caught up and stay there when it comes to issues as small as some one I perceive giving me a foul look.  In reality they were not at engaged in foulness, but as I have found were probably just concentrating on something else.

There are other issues that are bigger than all of us I feel that we all get scooped up in and then disappointed when we can’t affect change quickly.  I use to be very involved in keeping up on politics.  I have served my country, feel I am a red blooded American and didn’t like the idea of people running the country doing stupid things.  This I found was a trap, one that distracted me from the real issues that were affecting me, ones that I could have some semblance of power to change, then move on with my life.  This also continually distracted me and caused rifts between me and my family.  An issue such as politics should never come between two people, its an ideal and like opinions, we all have different ones.

Learning to overcome our differences and just moving on so we can grow, build and create a world full of new and exciting things is what we should be aiming for.  One that is focused on loving the person next to you, even though they may be strung out half dead on the street.  Understanding one another, even though you perceive them as against you.  Finally we just need to get over ourselves.  I find I take myself way to seriously, and I seriously just need to enjoy the life I have and the gifts I have been given.

So in closing, yes I have been reflecting lately on where I am at, who I am and where I want to be.  This has helped to put into perspective that I have a wonderful wife, awesome kids, though they can drive me up the wall, and that I am blessed to be in a position that I dont have to worry about my and my families physical needs.  Life is too short to care about who I am in light of my work identity, my political identity and so on.  I want to just be me and who God has made me to be.  All the rest is just a distraction.  Above all else I choose love and realizing that I have the ability to share that love in all the moments of my life no matter where I am at.

Lets love those around us today!


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