Joy of Three Year Old Twinsies

Hi All,

I am here today to indoctrinate you all to three year old twin boys.

I realized today how much twin little boys are really active.  Some how they have an endless supply of energy that you need all you can muster to keep up with them.  Think of a herding cats, but the cats are hyped up on caffeine, that’s twin boys!.  Of course I have known this all along, but sometimes it takes an external event to bring it to the fore front once in a while.  Que event….

Today after church I went to pick up my twin boyos, my new nick name for them.  So much easier than calling them by there names, get that mixed up all the time now.  Any way, I was pulled aside by one of the Sunday school helpers.  His words were “I need to talk about your boys today”  I was holding my breath waiting for the news.  He went on “Well your boys weren’t quite listening today.” I stared at him like, and? He continued “Well they kept getting into the toys during art time and they wouldn’t listen when I told them to stop and go do art.”  Again I just stared waiting for the climax.  You see in my mind I am picturing them using the toys as blunt instruments and blood is now strewn all over the floor.  Alas, that was all, just them not listening and playing with toys.  I know, Im raising little heathens.

How did I respond to this astonishing news?  I politely said, well its just that stage of life there in.  What I really wanted to tell him probably would have sent him to the hills.

These particular set of twins I have are dueling demolition masters.  They have banged there heads on the walls till there is a head size whole, painted with poop, bludgeon each other bloody during nap times and danced naked in there window for our neighbors enjoyment.  I swear, this kids are going to make me go prematurely grey. There latest escapade was going all Picasso with the feces, they actually made it on to there ceiling with the stuff.  Honestly, I was impressed by this particular poopy presentation.  I mean really, to get it to stick to the ceiling, that takes talent.

Another particular loving moment I recall as of late is a phone call at work.  My wife texts me to ask my opinion on my sons forehead after they woke up in the morning.  The picture she sent me was a small whole in my sons head.  How in the world did they put a whole in one of there heads?  I find my self asking some really odd questions any more, no surprises after these two are finished with us.  As far as we can tell, after the doc had to glue my sons wound shut, is that one of them smashed a broken sippy we found in there room, into the others head.  I’m guessing out of malice, but at this point im beginning to wonder if this is how they show affection to each other.

It is due to similar incidences that they literately just have sleeping bags in there room, that’s it.  Anything else either becomes and instrument of destruction, or is destroyed in and of itself.  Kind of what happened to there last beds, they broke them apart, barricaded themselves in there room to aid in allowing no interruption to there daily demolition.  When my wife did finally get in she found a display that impressed upon her strongest emotions, she literally found toys embedded inside there mattresses.  Oy vey, the therapy I’m going to have to pay for later.

Back to my original discussion with the Sunday school helper.  After his last comment of them not doing art, I felt pretty good about the situation.  He apparently did not. After my comment of them just being in a stage he said, and I quote, “I have a two year old myself.”  It took all I could not to laugh at the poor mans face.  I’m sorry, but if he only knew, I think he would have counted his blessings.  I just nodded and said thank you for looking after them.  I think the wind was taken out of his sails due to my lack of reaction.  To his benefit, he was trying and I do appreciate all the Sunday school staffs help and guidance to my children.  Goodness knows my five kids give them a run for there money.

So to all you Sunday school teachers out there, be warned, these two are a special kind of crazy.  I love them with all my heart and am for ever grateful for them in my life.  In the end though, I truly believe God has a sense of humor, and is getting some good chuckles from these two.

God Bless, especially those of you with twin boys!


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