Daddy Discovery

Hi all you happy happy people,

I started this blog for two reasons; there are just too many funny things to keep to myself, and I feel that giving a gimps into a large family Daddy could be enlightening and helpful to others.  Not that I have everything together and this will be the bestest parental instruction blog ever, quite the opposite.  I want to let people enter into a world of ups and downs, where they can relate no matter what stage of life there in.  Plus I do desire to be helpful to those who need advice where I am able to give it and support others in there craziness of life as well.

With that in mind, I would like to introduce my 5 different personalities.  I about a pastor the other day that gave some great advice on parenting.  I have a terrible memory and cant recall past two seconds, bear with me.  He said you need to be a different parent to each child, and discover what kind of parent each child needs.  For you parents out there with one or two, may I just say now that this could be just as hard for you as it is with five.

Each child is there own little entity that grows and will switch on you quickly.  I have been a dad now for seven years, I have barely figured out what it takes to just keep them all alive.  Helping them thrive is a whole other ball of wax.  It is something that I have been feeling lately however.  I want to help my kids discover who they are to there fullest potential, but that means I need to understand what role I play in each individual life.

I write this know in a sudo narcoleptic state.  This week has been a hard one all around.  I am currently work full time, go to college at night, try to resemble some what of a warm body to my wife and then split my self five ways for the kids.  This is a season of immense strain and struggle to understand not only what is going on in my families life, but mine as well.  I feel that through all this I am cultivating deeper connections with my faith in God, my wife and kids.  Its when you are truly struggling and stressed out that you start to listen and learn what is going on in life.

We all as parents need to understand that we aren’t going to have it all together.  It takes time, effort and reflection to understand what makes our kids tick.  That time however is worth every second as we grow with our kids and come along side of them more and more as they age.  It is the journey, not just the end, that truly matters in helping our kids discover who they are.


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