Sleeping Children

Tonight I scooped up my youngest from our room and placed her in her bed.  I then passed my oldest sons room and found myself standing in his doorway for a while.  I just stared, taking in his room as he lies sleeping in his bed a few feet away.  It is amazing how I felt moving my youngest to staring at my oldest and how the time feels that is stands still, yet has gone so fast.

Life has perpetual movement and as a parent we see it in fleeting moments.  We go from holding new born life in our arms, watching them as they go off to school and to the inevitable letting go as they grow up.  Time is all at once moving and we are to take care of that time we have.  Enjoy the good and the bad, as hard as that may be.

As I reflect on the many times I have enjoyed watching my children sleep, tonight I feel a deep gratitude for what has happened during my life as a father.  There is such love, joy, laughter and fun in this house.  We have known pain, sadness, anguish and triumph in the few short years as parents.  Through it all I know stand in the door way of my children’s lives, watching, praying, hoping and dreaming of what they will become.

We should all feel so lucky to be standing in the doorways of our children, and to one day guide them through it.

Time to join my children in sleep,



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