Intro to Me

Hello all you happy people,

Let me begin at the beginning, I was born….  I got married…. We had 5 kids.

I will let you collect your thought, presuppositions and jaws from the floor.  Yes I said I have 5 kids.  Yes I know how that happens! Yes they are all biologically ours.  Yes my wife stays home with all of them.  No were not apart of any cult or commune.  Finally, I love being a dad of 5 kids!

As for sleep, well I haven’t seen much of that in over 8 years.  I think it is that stuff that happens when your body is able to relax.  We have a very loud, fun and spirited household.  Sleep is for the weak, we must be the strongest people around.  Who needs it any way when you have Costco bag size of coffee beans at your disposal.

I digress, this is supposed to be an introduction.  So yes I am a father of 5 who loves his life and wishes all of you could experience the joy that is our whirlwind of a home.  My kids are as follows; 7 year old boy, 4 year old girl, Twin boys who are 3 and our baby girl who is 1.  If you counting, that’s five 7 and under.  Next year it will be five 8 and under, but who is counting.  Love the reactions on peoples face when we bring up the size and ages of our family.  For some reason its surprising that children exist, who knew.

Next I am the sole breadwinner of the family.  Can you imagine the child care bill it would cost for 5 kids?  To put it in perspective, when my wife and I got life insurance, she was valued way more than I was.  Know who’s the breadwinner.  In another way to look at it, she makes more than $10k more than me if she was paid as a caretaker for all the kids.  Kind of humbles myself when I think about that.  That’s right, shes my sugar mama.

On the topic of the mama, I have been hitched up with her for over 16 years now.  We were high-school sweethearts, then got married after I joined the military.  That is a much different story for a different time, but I am a very blessed man to have her in my life.  Also a very lucky man that she puts up with my shenanigans.  Not easy living with 5 kids, not easy always living with me either!

So this is me, a slightly tired daddy with 5 times the love to go around everyday.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Although I am looking forward to the day I can sleep consistently all night for more than a day.  That will come one day, but for now a guy can dream.  As for the rest of the story, tune it and I will plug in when I can to keep the fun rolling.

Night world!


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One thought on “Intro to Me”

  1. So… I think I know this sleep deprivation that you Speak of. I too am “pentafied”. I know how it happens… Gosh, it like that’s people’s go to response as soon as the find out there’s five. When they find out that 3 were intentionally birthed at home the comments get even more silly.
    Having a family that fills a minivan can be a challenge… Some times just getting them buckled in is the challenge. If I can quote Master Yoda “for much reward, great responsibility is required” (I think that’s word for word). That’s so true, this is hard but to see their hearts and to cast a vision for their lives causes me and my wife to give any selfish actions up. But here’s what we won’t do. We will not let this culture tell us we are bad parents because we don’t take them to every activity possible… Baseball, basketball, soccer, dance, cheerleading, volleyball and the list goes on. It is impossible to build a family and keep up with the jones kids. Instead we eat dinner every night at the table ( yes, the table) . We watch movies, we ride bikes, we go camping, we serve it nursing homes and homeless shelters, we attend a church where the primary message is “we are not perfect” and “perfect people are not allowed to attend”. My wife is the teacher, cook, daycare, maid (the sexy one too:) nurse, comforter and I leave every day to go hunt and gather. It’s doable… But I’m sleepy also… And sleep is for the weak.

    I look forward to crashing this blog next time!


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